January 20, 2013

Teepees & Bar Carts...

Are you there? My its been a long while! There were plans for a photo dump of 2012, it obviously hasn't happened. So I will start with the present.  

The present is a January day. Winter is always a bit of a slog with a two year old in the mix! How do I keep a busy toddler happy in a little house on a small island with uber wet weather? By thinking back to my own childhood and adapting my experiences to our less than sunny climate. 

A la the teepee...When my brother and I were young our parents built us a fabulous tree house in the corner of our Florida backyard. The tree house was two stories. The bottom was a giant sand box and the top was an open deck that could be imagined into anything you wanted it to be. I remember pretending it was a ship on the sea. Oh, that's the pirates life for me... 

Its important to have a space to call your own as a child. A safe harbor in the grown up sea that ultimately surrounds us all as children. Oliver Jeffer's book Lost and Found comes to mind when I think of this. We stumbled across this sweet teepee when we were out and about. I thought it would be perfect for Bea and it is! She loves it! I kinda like climbing in it too! As I type MC and Bea are reading the Gruffulo's Child in her teepee! That warms this momma's heart!!! 

On a very different note...I made a little 'comfort' corner of my own. 

When I'm tripping over toys at the end of a long day
and the house is proof of our creative play. 
I need only glance over to see my bar cart 
which warms my little decorative heart. 

Oh my goodness that rhymes! I've been reading too many children's books!  

I'm very proud of our new bar cart. It was discovered after digging around in the back of a used furniture shop with Bea in her backpack. (Note: LittleLifes are perfect for restraining a busy toddler while keeping them totally entertained.) The cart was hidden under a small file cabinet and it was DIRTY! But I've got an eye for making someone else's trash into my treasure. I dragged Bea and MC back to the shop the following day. MC was a bit hesitant but I just reminded him of our living room chairs and he was good to go. I SO love my husband's decorative faith in me and for a tenner he couldn't really complain! MC moved the filing cabinet which had been hiding my bar cart while Bea and I looked on with excitement. Okay maybe I was the only one looking on with excitement. I forgot to take a pic of the 'Before' but trust me it was gross! It took a bit of scrubbing but she cleaned up very nicely. For now our bar cart will be a side table. I have plans for something a bit swankier when our family has matured. When diapers are a distant memory!  

"Get off your horse and drink your milk," ~ John Wayne


Sally@Enlightenment for the Sleepy said...

I need to buy my boys a teepee. At present they have a cute little ikea tent that Santa brought. I love all the colorful vintage style ones. Yours is lovely. I don't miss the British weather at all so I can empathize with you there. I still haven't got used to the Florida winter sun yet though. I still say silling things like: " it's a lovely day' :)

Krys said...

Whoa that cart looks brand new! Way to go you maniacal cleaner you! xoxo

MB said...

Thanks ladies! Nice little diddy there KB:)